A small community of less then 50 located in the foothills of the Dragonspine mountains. The town is located 2 days walking to the northeast of the city of Phlan and is one of the only towns before venturing into the wilds of the Dragonspine mountains. The town is little more then a frontier village with small stone wals surrounding it. The town survives by staying on good terms with both the local barbarian tribes and the Dwarf clans of the Dragonspine.

Notable NCP’s

Ostor Ares: Mayor of Prechiff and at the moment subbing in for sheriff with no real training or experience with law enforcement or combat.

Morann Ollor: A merchant who trades with the dwarfs of fortress Bdukr, barbarian tribes of the Dragonspine and the city of Phlan where he operates Ollor’s emporium. He wishes to control Precliff by taking over the office of mayor from Ares but even with all his money he can’t buy the trust of the people of Precliff who stand behind Ares at least for now.

Barra Laraur (deceased) : older women with blond haired that’s starting to grey. She has a sweet personality very helpful and very polite she runs the local tavern. Her son disappeared almost a month and a half before the arrival of the party and not soon after his disappearance other children in the town began to disappear and there parents murdered in a gruesome fashion. After a little investigation by the party and a far bit of luck thanks to the goddess Tymora the party uncovered a secrecy door located in Barra’s taverns basement, during there interrogation of her things went all to hell as the kindly older women changed before there eyes into a slender lanky man who not only began to attack the party but also sing about chop, chop, chopping them up, chopping them to little bits. After his defeat the party was able to open the room and found the remains of the towns missing children who Barra had made his/her friends and saved from there parents. The only bright spot was the youngest child of the Sawmiller family was found still alive although very weak and half starved.


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