Size Large town
Area Moonsea
Population 4,372 in 1480 DR
Ruler Lord protector Razul Daoran

Phlan is a large town located on the northern shoreline of the Moonsea at the mouth of the Stojanow river. Founded over 1,000 years go, a series of destruction and rebuilding has led to the city being walled off into a destroyed, ruined Old Phlan and a rebuilt, shining Civilized Phlan. Phlan is noteworthy not only for its stubbornness but also as the location of the fabled Pool of Radiance.
Local points of interest include the ruins of Valjevo Castle, once one of the largest castles in Faerûn. Rather than rebuilding the castle, a group of druids are instead attempting to recultivate the courtyard. Sokol Keep on Thorn Island is a small fortress in the Bay of Phlan that is being rebuilt as a lighthouse. The only temple in the city is called The Waiting, which is dedicated to Tyr.

Phlan was founded in 367 DR12 and leveled in 400 DR by the First Turnabout, a massive attack by the Dark Alliance of humanoids who swept down on the land. The people of Phlan stubbornly rebuilt the city, beginning a cycle of destruction and rebirth that would last for a millennium. Recent disasters include the Dragon Run, Tyranthraxus’s corruption in 1340 DR and an attack by Bane in 1357 DR.

Since the year of the Burning Hand 1380 DR When Cvaal Daoran dissolved of the Council of Ten, and declared himself Lord protector of Phlan has been ruled by the Daoran family. The current ruler of Phlan is Lord protector Razul Daoran. After Razul Daoran the second most powerful person within the city is High Marshal Gryphen Redain of the guard of phlan and his own special unit Ghost hawks. He unlike Razul is quite well liked by the people although there are rumors the two secret lovers

The city guard or just Guard of Phlan consists of 350 active troops with another 100 militia Volunteers available if needed. Also Since Razul Daoran took power there has been an increasing number of mercenary company put under the cities employ, as well as offer privateer papers to a number of pirate crews operating with the Moonsea or in the other waterways within the area

Other important factions

The Welcomers
The cities most powerful and influential thieves’ guild called The Welcomers operates openly within the city, the members of which cut off their left ear as a sign of loyalty as well as carry a specially made silver ring as a form of identification. As most residents of the town are aware of the guild, the guild has earned its name by preying on visitors to the city. Although many tales abound about the guild some more believable then others . One that hears circulation the most is that the Lord protector has given the guild free rain of Broken Phlan as long as they swore to serve him when needed.


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