Dander framed

The Drunken skull now known as Danderly’s was once a front of operations in broken Phlan for the Welcomer the most powerful thieves guild in the city of Phlan. Until the party was able to expel the thieves and claim it as there own.

  • Bartender
    Quinn male human: gruff reserved walks with a pronounced limp due to his peg leg wears leather armor and carries a dagger with him always. Former adventurer been retired for several years now due to leg injury dislikes kids but doesn’t hate them
  • Bar wench
    Eliza female human flirty flighty but busty and attractive doesn’t care for kids and treats them coldly
  • General labor and security
    Gravelfist Golmoid unknown sex s/he’s a golmoid, large tough quiet doesn’t talk a lot and when he does it’s with simple words showing his low intelligence. Likes simple things doesn’t want payment just somewhere to exist, seems to like kids. If someone acts violent or mean to him he reacts likewise but only out of fear and confusion
  • Entertainment
    A mysteriously untalented satyr known only as “The World’s Worst Minstrel” has taken up lessons from the bard Street in order to perform once a week for Danderly’s patrons. Whether or not taking on a musical act with such a poor reputation was a good idea remains to be seen.



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