Dranged Dungeons


test page for new adventure log...

so umm.. we found this big ritual book with a mad mage… and i’ve decided to use the extra pages to record our adventures. seems the mage had a half written story going on.. =x

anyway we’re a group of mercenaries in one of the bigger merc groups this side of the world (^^)V , and we’ve been though a lot. our glorious leader is quite demanding too..(x_x)
but his captains seem nice enough so thats not so bad ^^

first we were sent against a biiig swamp monster in the swamp.
and that was kinda scary… the water was cool though, if kinda rich..
some of the other party members said it stank and kept complaining about getting the mud stuck between their toes. maybe it was the leeches.

we had swamp monster for dinner the next few days. i was still full from the water, so i only tried a bit. we then went on to the dungeon ruins!
there we found some


Cee: oh hey! glad to have you in the book!
Elminister: yes indeed! its always good to see a new face around. even if i am a little late in greeting
Robilliard: oh great. this one sounds like a simpering dolt of a shelte
Caderly: forgive robilliard there. he's too used to being the head wizard of his ship =D
here. let me help you cross that out.

omg the book just wrote back… with many names.. (x_X)

Cee: haha this is fun. hi! we're writing in the book on our time/plane too!
Elminister: indeed. it appears this book exists in more than one time/plane at a time. most interesting. i'm sure volo can explain this all to you later when he wakes up.
Volo: for the last time, i am not asleep as often as you think!
oh.. hi?
Cee: oh dont mind us lily. continue your story!
how did
Cee: its got your name silly.
oh…. =s
so.. umm… there we found some undead..
that wasnt too hard. the holy water feed on the quench quiver came in very useful!
then we found a… are secrets ok to write in this book?
Volo: yes yes they are. anything sensitive to parties reading the book automatically disappears. it gets frustrating sometimes when you want to inform someone else of events, but thats just how the way the panes work i suppose. perhaps the quasi-temporal matrix only supports
Caderly: thats enough volo. you'll overwhelm the poor girl!

there we found this secret extension hidden behind a wall that was secret too but was guarded by a golem that was activated when you pick up a stone in the pool nearby and there was also a dissapearing staircase that led down to the bottom with a statue of bhaal that gave u a ritual if u hurt yourself enough or hurt other people enough to make the stairs appear again.
there was also a tomb that was sealed and guarded by an angel thing that was scary and we did not want to risk geting thru that so we left it along and sealed the door up again.
we went back to the merc camp and the mercenaries used the ritual to build a fortress there and sent us to ambush a caravan that had a merchant with a bag that concealed everything inside including his signet ring and we found in the journal they got hit by trolls some time back.
we went to clear the trolls and that was somewhat easy till the big rocky one came out and that was really really hard and we almost died =/ but that was some time ago. this time we were asked to check on a weapon delivery by the mage i got this book from who built a secret basement that the orcs and drow couldnt find and there was a undead bunny zombie that had really thick armor and other living dead monsters that were controlled by the mage to cleanse humanity for some angel halflings that thought they were doing the right thing and talked thu black stones and slowly drove people mad. after we slept while hiding in barrels and crates we shut down the bunny weapon monster and took the control book and broke the crystal and delivered the weapon withtout the book to the city and they were a little disappointed but i think it was the right thing to do and i opened the book and this is what i’m wrinting in and theres suddenly people wringing in it and i’m confused andidontgetwhatishappeningandidontthinkiwanttowriteinitanymore! >.<


Elminister: Just for the record, i believe you are partly to blame for the young girl's predicament volo. perhaps you should have remained asleep till a more opportune moment. @ @Cee: ahaha this is fun! but dont be afraid to write more! we dont bite! and we dont usually happen to be reading the book at the same time anyway so this doesnt happen often bleh..

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