werewolf - tempest fighter


With two claws and a protective thick fur, Wyran jumps into battle without fear.
AC 19, F 18 / R 15 / W 15
HP 40
lowlight vision
speed 5+1
Trained : Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate


Wyran was born in a tribe of his kind, living on the edge of
the Giantspire mountains and the lands of Narfell. Always
cold, always brutal, never welcoming, all the tribes and
creatures living these lands constantly fight for resources.
The tribe he was born into had high hopes for this young
lycanthrope, born under a middsummer full moon. Bred for
battle / training since youth, heavy claws, thick fur.
However, warring became a habit, a tradition, and even
when the entire tribe had enough, they still wanted to take
by force from others.
Sickened by this behaviour, in a rage, he attacked some of
the elder members of his tribe. A pack outcast now, he
started to travel.
Travelled a good while trying to find a new meaning to life.
Found by the silverstars, one of Selunes female priests, who
taugh him through compassion and patience the value of
maintaining control.
As a result Wyran wants to help those in need, and bring
good to the world. Well aware of his skills, he will also fight
evil when needed. Hearing of the situation in Phlan, decided
to travel there


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