Marina Mountaincutter

6 year old dwarf girl saved from cult of Nelach after party kinda killing her last guardian


6 year old Dwarf girl hailing from the Mountaincutter clan who make there home in the Dragonspine mountains. She was sent to the city with her Gensai guardian after her home came under attack by the barbarians of the Dragonspine mountains. Some how she was kidnapped by the cult of Nelach and held against her will in order to force her guardian gensai to serve the cult. The party during the attack on the cult were forced to fight the reluctant guardian dealing him injury that would lead to his death. After saving her from the cult the party took her under there protection and after claiming there bar have left her in the care of the golemoid Gravelfist as they traveled to investigation the trouble in the dragonspine mountians.


Marina Mountaincutter

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