Danor Von Rophic

You are my shield, my sword...with you I shatter nations, I destroy Gods!


Danor Von Rophic,

Shadar-kai, Warlord (Marshal)


The son of a low Shadovar Lord, Danor von Rophic was handed a position within the military ranks of Netheril.

Working directly for those in charge of rooting out and executing any resistance within the city of Saerloon, the young officer did spill his fair share of blood, however most often he simply gave the orders while others brought down the axe.

A chance encounter with a young merchant woman changed his life forever. Feeling overwhelmed and caught off guard by her beauty and persuasive demeanor, Danor soon brought the young woman into the high society among the other officers and members of the Netheril military within Sembia.

After months of courtship Danor proposed to the young woman, however she had other plans. As she dropped to her knees in tears the young merchant woman admitted the truth of her involvement with Danor.

Hoping his love for her would sway his mind, the young woman admitted though she grew to love Danor, their “chance” meeting was in truth an cleverly laid out plan. Bred as an assassin for a resistance cell within Saerloon, the young woman was tasked with bringing death to the Chief Officials who wrought terror and brought prejudice to the honest people of the city.

Distraught and heartbroken Danor reluctantly turned her in to his father. As punishment for his negligence Danor was forced to choose between either personally taking the young woman’s life or to die beside her in a public execution.

Once again Danor chose to side with his family and empire, however when the time came to slice the knife across her throat, Danor stared into the eyes of the woman he loved and questioned his station for the first time. For one so comfortable with standing by while others around him perished and bled, this day Danor’s deep unquestioning love for the young woman caused him to steady the blade.

As Danor hesitated with the knife in hand, his father drew sword and thrust it through the young assassin’s back, piercing her heart.

Devastated and stripped of his station, Danor fought his way from those who were once his peers and escaped the whole of Sembia on a merchant caravan.

After a decade in exile, as a traitor to the Empire and harboring a self deprecating stance on his own existence, Danor fights, with a mixture of pride and resentment over his former station, to make a name for himself in the world.

Danor Von Rophic

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