Dranged Dungeons

Once Upon a Time in the Dwarven Fortress

Murder, Death, and Robbery! (Saturday)

When we last left our “heroes” they had just rescued an ale deprived crew of dwarves forced to mine in their own basement, under the rule of their new barbarian masters. The party has rested and regained some strength after a very near death experience during their first encounter with their foes.

“Opening Theme Song”

Staggering back into the caves the party follows down their previous path to find a phalanx of barbarian warriors staring them down. At this point it is quite obvious the barbarians are content with watching sweaty shirtless dwarven men bang on rock after rock, but that is their prerogative and who are we to judge? Apparently the party is judge…and jury..and executioner as they lay waste to the crumbling brick-wall of barbarians before them.

With the barbarians watchdogs either dead or subjugated, the party is surprised to discover their old buddy Kastel and two newly recruited allies, who had apparently decided knocking on the Barbarians front door and asking for sugar was a good idea, chained up along side the malnourished, dwarves. Confused, and most likely a little embarrassed, the reunited group swaps stories on the whos whats and whys that brought them back together.

Reconvened the party sets to interrogating the once captors now captive barbarians for what may lie ahead. However, with the whole of the party distracted Danor gives a nod to Draug initiating their own agenda as they attempt to subdue Saffron, the lovely woman who lead them through the back end of the fortress and also Douriff’s dungeon lady of the week.

The plan quickly backfires as the two misfits gravely misinterpreted the parties willingness to take the treasure all for themselves and leave the outsider to die alongside the barbarians. Perhaps it would have gone more smoothly had Draug and Danor mentioned it beforehand…

Nevertheless Saffron manages to duck the Goliath’s sweeping sword and make off into the tunnels, with Draug giving chase. Douriff, at a lose for words over what all to blatantly appears to be the attempted murder of the love of his life, fires a crossbow bolt over the head of Draug as the two disappear into the darkness of the tunnels.

Confused and broken from the direction the adventure has taken the party is split with some in pursuit and others nothing short of astonished. Saffron gains her footing and manages to recruit a patrolling band of barbarians from deep within the fortress catacombs, however she meets her end as a bolt of energy strikes her from behind.

With an inevitable battle on the horizon, Kastell, astonished by the murderous actions of his “friends” decides to stay behind, while the majority of the party engages in a struggle which nearly breaks them once and for all.

As a wave of barbarians comes crashing down, Taerin rushes forward calling the name of Corellon to add strength to his vigor. Those who choose to fight for their lives follow close behind while the barbarians swarm the party bringing pain and death along with them. Wyran does his best to gain the enemies focus but it is not enough as Taerin is trampled beneath the rampaging force of steel.

The party, now brutally beaten hangs on as Draug and Danderly fight their way outside opposite ends of the barbarian legion to gain some semblance of resistance. Their new ally, a warforged with mysterious power, is able to assist Draug as they begin to thin the herd. Standing over Taerin’s body, Wyran and Danor hold fast within the eye of the storm, fighting tooth and claw hoping their actions will bolster the party’s confidence.

The groups confidence renewed, the barbarians begin to fall and the fight seems well in hand. Just then an all too familiar javelin strikes Danderly with an all too familiar blow, and he crumbles to the floor. The party rushes forward to avenge Danderly, bringing death to the orc javelin masters, thus putting down the last remaining barbarians before them. Late to the party, but fresh with flare and bravado, Street arrives to proclaim victory with his makeshift army of starved dwarven prisoners.

Although the battle was won, the party is utterly defeated. Hatred and regret flows through the party as they round up the rescued dwarves and recuperate from their physical wounds. Deciding it best to finish the job at hand, everyone agrees to deal with the matter after thinking it over with a long restless sleep.

When they awaken the party finds themselves lighter in coin and Douriff nowhere to be found, assuming he robbed and left them behind for the loss of his one true love, the party turns their aggression towards the stubborn wizard Kastell for not assisting with the barbarian horde, which ultimately forces him to part ways.

With the death of Taerin and the murder of Saffron the catalyst to these unfortuante events, the party begins to point fingers at Danor and Draug, who must either atone for their actions or face the consequences in the days to come.

With the loss of so many members, will the party deal justice to Danor and Draug, or simply attempt to reclaim what little semblance of trust remains…? Tune in next week for the fallout with… Above the Law: Private Security


Danor with head held high addresses the remaining members of the party looking each of them in the eye: “I…I’m sorry…There is no reward greater for failure than death. I take sole responsibility for the loss of Taerin and that of Saffron’s life. Draug was simply following my lead, and I alone will accept the consequences…That being said you all rallied together and had my back when things turned sour, and for that I thank you.”


Cee walks over
“hey guys! there’s notes appearing on our log!”
“wow you guys must really suck to get these…”

as she shows the party the logs, notes continue to appear at the sides.

Volo: need to talk about the situation
keep the group closer together
think about consequences of your actiosn before doing them

Elminister: the dwarves arent easy to use in a fight
Wiz is gone. rogue is gone. paladin is dead.
Draug and Danor are probably evil.
Fort is DANGEROUS, and you have completed the quest. time to turn it in.
and monsters can think too.

Elminister: bard might have helped more in combat.
and i'd rather not see the group break because of infighting
you guys need to train together, and somehow get the motivation to work together
or how you can overlook the actions of others

Jarlaxle and Arunsun: thats going to be hard with so many ppl who just charge into battle

Elminister: there are always alternatives.
non lethal dmg, explaining to the rest the reasons behind it.
some actions will definitely split the party. try not to do them.

Volo: wyran is going to have a problem with dranor and draug

Cadderly: you decide who you are, and you can change that if necessary.
so using "in character" as an excuse is bullshit.
also, learn to be a better parasite if u have to be evil. dont kill your host.
*TALK* to other people so everyone knows what to expect.

Mordenkainen: actiosn been increasingly getting evil
nothing has been done so far
really need to get down and discuss.
also, lets head back.

Cadderly: focus firing enemies are cool, but dont 1 shot the tank unless they did soemthing stupid.

Mordenkainen: website! use it!
good plae to have in character discussions if necessary.

Cadderly and Robilliard: wingman setup might be good for a few character pairs
TALK! communication is key!
dont split up! stick together!
delay actions if necessary. move as a group.
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