Dranged Dungeons

For a Few Demons More

Saturday Sept 22 (pt.2)

Continued from Part one… Fist Full of Demons

The party continues on with the charade throughout the week as the festival continues, a little fire here, an explosion there and the crowds are eating it up. All in all Devyd does put on a hell of a show. However the party comes to an impasse as they too must put on a performance of their own, for none other than the Lord Protector himself.

In preparation for their own performance the party brilliantly discovers a way to exploit Devyd’s fame in order to bring some much needed publicity to Danderly’s. With the glitter glue and production of their costumes in good hands, Street sets off to challenge Devyd to a Lute Duel to be hosted at Danderly’s that very same evening. Devyd’s ego and insecurities are just enough for Street to coax the counterfeit tough guy into a free performance.

However before the duel is resolved, the rest of the party must face the inevitable glee of the pedophiliac Lord Protector. Fully costumed in leather and chains the party begins their circus act of sexual tension.

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Perform fis temp b

With Danor as M.C., Draug performing feats of strength, Danderly prancing and tumbling, and Tara putting on a grand display of swordsmanship, the party once again triumphs. The crowd of nobles erupts with applause as Danderly performs one final flip over top of Draug. In an explosion of “Drink at Danderly’s” flyers the entire party bows to the crowd. The Lord Protector, delighted with pleasure, makes his lust for Danor and Draug well known, offering his overflowing “coin purse” as payment for the momentous spectacle. Bowing one final time to the noble lords and ladies and making their way, embarrassingly, past Lissanna, the party rushes back to Danderly’s in hopes of catching Street’s duel with Devyd.

As they arrive Devyd and Street are already standing atop the bar tuning their lutes. With approval from Quinn the bartender, the duel begins…

Dev vs street

Devyd lays into his lute with unbridled skills, however Street riffs back with a solo that melts the entire room in a wave of bass. Angered, Devyd slides across the bar with a power chord of damnation, putting an end to Street’s rhythmic groove and winning over the milk and ale crazed crowd. Although Street was ultimately defeated, Danderly’s has never been more lively and the party sets to relieving some tension along side their guests.

Most likely hung over and in need of bathing we find our party scouring the crowd within the Silver Unicorn as Devyd begins his last concert of the festival. The performance begins as usual with young women and a few men rushing towards the stage. However near the end of the final setlist, a patron bursts through the front door yelling “Fire!”

Tara bravely jumps into action along side two of Streets dwarf followers. With the flames out front put to rest, a door behind the main stage swings open as two vicious looking figures rush towards Devyd. Yet before they can penetrate the room, Draug interrupts their advance taking a few arrows in the process. Down on the tavern floor more mysterious patrons begin to brandish blades in a dash to take the stage. Danderly, and Danor catch them off guard with Street aiding in the attackers demise. As Devyd claws and cradles himself around Draug’s legs, the goliath lays waste to the assailant before him as he takes yet another arrow. Able to calm the hysterical minstrel Danor allows Draug enough time to make his way out the door in order to catch up and overcome their fleeing foe.

With the attackers subdued, Danderly and Tara take to scouting the second level of the inn, in search of any additional intruders. However they come upon Devyd’s manager instead, completely nude and engaged in a position Tara can only explain as demonic. Yet something fascinating in her stirs as she sets her gaze to the naked man before her.

Meanwhile in the tavern below, Draug was able to obtain some information of the attackers plans and discovers they are Welcomers under employ of the Helliquins to bring the fool Devyd in for falsely involving the Helliquin organization in his act. Draug and Danor, once again left to their own devises, toy with the possibility of turning over Devyd to the Helliquins for an even greater sum than that which the minstrel had promised them for protection.

It doesn’t take but a glance for the two to agree to these new terms and announce to the rest of the party they will be back shortly. On the way Draug mentions nightmares he believes have been caused by the goo he collected from the demonic frog, and Danor suggests testing it on the disheveled Devyd before handing him over to the Helliquins at the docks. All seems normal as the two “heroes” acquire their reward money, and head back to meet up with the others.

Just then a flash of fire erupts as Devyd screams with maniacal laughter. Four fiery forms erupt on the docks burning Draug as he and Danor race past to safety. The Fiery devils consume the nearby Welcomers as Devil-Devyd and the Helliquin agent access the nearby ship.

Making their way upstairs at the Unicorn Draug and Danor meet up with the party who is engaged in debate with Devyd’s manager. The now half-naked man is irately insinuating that the party is in breach of contract having let the Helliquins take Devyd out from underneath them. As the discussion becomes heated, Street pokes his head in with a man who seems to look exactly like Devyd, and wearing Devyd’s clothing. Apparently Street was able to convince one of the subdued attackers into playing himself off as Devyd in order for the party to save face and maintain the terms of their contractual obligations.

Satisfied the manager pays the party and parts ways. As they begin to leave, Tara ask Draug why she felt so excited inside when she saw the naked man.

Draug simply states “Because of the demon inside you” and turns to walk away.

With their contract at an end and payment in hand the party takes to dividing their spoils over drinks at Danderly’s. Street attempts to “exorcise” the demon within Tara but ultimately leaves her unsatisfied. Draug and Danor take the next few days to find out more of this fiery form which haunted Draug’s nightmares for so long, and discover it to be a manifestation of the demon Tyranthraxus. Guilt stricken and morally beaten, the two begin to drink themselves into suspended animation when they return to Danderly’s hoping their dimwitted action of releasing Tyranthraxus upon Devyd’s body will remain a secret, and not come back to bite them in the ass later on.

With new allies and possible enemies within the court of the Lord Protector, and fiery demons released upon the world at large, our party looks to new horizons as the next chapter awaits in the unraveling tale of Above the Law: Private Security.


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