Dranged Dungeons

A Fistful of Demons

Saturday Sept 22

It’s time again for another exciting installment of our adventures with Above the Law: Private Security

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When last we left our heroes they had liberated a group of dwarves from a viscous barbarian horde, leaving many bodies in their wake, some of which belonging to their own party members…blame was laid and alliances were torn, but nevertheless our heroes strive on…

Making their way back to Phlan at a steady pace, the group finds itself once again in the comfort of a now rather crowded Danderly’s Dairy and Ale Tavern. While the others rest and recuperate, Street wastes no time in putting the Dwarves to work passing out flyers and spreading the general word of Danderly’s fine assortment of milks and ales.

Finally settled in the group decides to handle the closing ends of business with Lt. Gorrin, however when they reach the guard house they are startled to find he has been relieved of duty, and is in fact now wanted for treason. Looking for answers, the party meets up with their old friend Lissanna, who sends the party to the Temple where they find Gorrin on house arrest.

The former lieutenant tells the party the High Protector has given the order himself for the vigilante way the old hypocrite dealt with the dwarven fortress, however the seal on the letter stolen from the merchant Ollar seems to be counterfeit. Attempting to glean more information and uncover a deeper plot, the party decides that with the upcoming Fool’s Festival they can take advantage of the opportunity to find audience with the Lord Protector. On their way out of the Temple the party is stopped by a young red haired paladin named Tara, who seems to be quite sheltered as she begins quoting her father’s lessons pertaining to everything being the work of demons…a strange young lady to be sure. Luckily Douriff’s departure seems to have saved this young girl from his inevitable advances, nevertheless she agrees to assist the party with bringing justice and putting an end to the demon threat within all facets of the world.

That evening, disguising themselves as mere entertainers, our heroes breach the royal chambers for an encounter with the vile Lord Protector himself, where they discover their initial assessment of the Lord was far from the actual truth. Seated before them is a flamboyant man who lights up the second he meets Danor’s acquaintance. The disturbing interactions of their initial introduction to the Lord leaves the party in a state of perpetual disbelief as to how this seemingly naive, and very openly gay, man could possibly be behind the growing military endeavors of the city.

When the party all but nails their audition, with the exception of Street and his two-string lute, and after the Lord protector makes an already uncomfortable situation even more unbearable, they are introduced to High Marshal Gryphon. The fair effeminate young man, who is apparently the Lord’s boy-toy, was implicated as the true reason for this entire upheaval by LT Gorrin. Bidding their host farewell Danor slips the High Marshal the forged note which all but exposes Gryphon based on his reaction. A stern stare from the High Marshal follows as the party makes their way out of the Lord Protector’s chambers, discussing how they could have possibly gotten themselves into such a crude situation, knowing they will have to actually perform publicly for the Lord Protector come time for the festival. Danor begins to question whether the 200 Gold retainer will be worth it, if the Lord Protector begins to demand a private audience…

Back at Danderly’s the party is confronted by two separate individuals. One going by the name of Juno, not to be confused with Juno, informs Draug that he is simply keeping an eye on the group by order of High Marshal Gryphon. Chuckling to himself Draug turns to the other visiter who opens with a business opportunity for the newly christened ATL: Private Security firm.

The man introduces himself as an agent for the famed minstrel sensation Devyd, and requests the services of the party to protect the popular musician from the Helliquins, devils from his past thieving ways who seem to continue holding a grudge from years prior. After settling on terms and signing the contract the party takes to resting up for the upcoming festivities.

Two days later with the festival nearly underway, the bulk of the party meets with Devyd as he arrives along side his agent and a brutish dragon born named Eskar. The pompous minstrel bairly acknowledges the party as they escort him to the Silver Unicorn Inn to unpack his things before the opening show. That evening the show seems to be a huge success with the crowd going wild and our heroes valiantly beating and shoving young fan-girls away from encroaching on the stage.

Out of nowhere a flash of light erupts near Devyd and the party is forced to rush their employer to his carriage, narrowly escaping the hysterical crowd which seems to have trampled another performer, a satyr commanding the title of “World’s Worst Minstrel”.

At the Silver Unicorn the party begins questioning the legitimacy of the “Hellequin attack” on Devyd and discovers that it, along with the false need for added security, is nothing but a rouse to hype up Devyd’s act. Feeling used and betrayed, Draug amends the contract in order to gain some additional wealth if the party is to keep the fabrication under wraps. Coming to an agreement our heroes part ways until the next show, leaving Street to answer Tara’s questions of the Unicorn’s waitresses dress, stating in her father’s words to be the dress of demons.

Continued above in part two… For a Few Demons More


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