Dranged Dungeons


At least it didnt get burnt down again...

((RP Link))
[Cee: helping out with repairs.]

Hi. Who’s brilliant idea was it to buy one of these??

After the “awesome battle we are sure to be telling our grandchildren about” at the other inn, we proceeded to wipe out the cultists. that was somehow cathartic. and fun. yes.

There, we rescued a little dwarven girl by killing her guardian. MY little dwarven girl now. /grin
we also got a bounty book as part of our reward. and we found the face of that thief who kept staring at us at their bar the other day. how wonderful!

so we went to pay him a little visit, and helped him clean his bar up. with swords and knives. and axes. and blood. that reminds me. we’ll have to get draug something else to swing one day. greatswords are good and all, but they dont clean the little corners well.

the dwarven girl has taken to the new bar. probably because most dwarves seem to love alchohol. or maybe the creature somehow feeds off the social interaction with the rest… Bleh.

anyway, theres a lot to do around here and i’ve written what i was supposed to. good riddance.


drangedlark Wirecutter

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